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Corporate Division


  • To formulate and ensure the implementation of the Department’s Strategic Management Policies;
  • To coordinate and monitor the Department’s quality management system and the achievement of its Key Performance Indicators;
  • To perform Secretariat duties for main Meetings;
  • To perform Information Dissemination, Publicity and Public Relation duties; and,
  • To create and implement the Department’s internationalization programmes;

Clients Charter

  • Monitor the implementation of the Department’s Strategic Action Plan once a year;
  • Organize Town and Country Planning Senior Officers’ Meeting and Departmental Corporate Plan Meeting (RKJ) once a year;
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Department’s total quality system management through the Management System Review Committee Meeting (JKSP) twice a year;
  • Organize the annual World Town Planning Day (WTPD);
  • To give feedback to customer complaints within 15 working days;
  • Organize meetings of the Management Committee and Planning and Development Committee four times a year.

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