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National Land Use Information Division


The Land Use Information Division (BMGN) was founded in 2008 from the restructuring of the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning Peninsular Malaysia (JPBD), approved by the Public Service Department (JPA). This Division was established for managing planning data for national land use.
Applying information and communications technology in the technical and administrative aspects towards the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning Peninsular Malaysia (JPBD) as a center of excellence in urban and rural planning services, by:
  • Ensuring the database is the latest planning based on the availability of the data;
  • Ensuring the data collected is in accordance with the Geographic Information System manual (GIS);
  • Providing data to applicants within seven working days of receipt of completed applications.
  • To develop, manage and coordinate the Department’s database;
  • To manage, coordinate, integrate and monitor national land use information;
  • To manage and coordinate development plan studies;
  • To manage and coordinate intra and interdepartment data sharing;
  • To coordinate advisory services in the geographic information system (GIS) field;
  • To conduct management and administration; and,
  • To manage and perform other official tasks as directed.
Client’s Charter
The National Land Use Information Center offers quality information to achieve the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning Peninsular Malaysia’s vision of excellence in Town & Country Planning, by:
  • Uploading and updating Land Use Information data from State town planning departments, Zone Project Offices and technical agencies into the database every six months;
  • Organizing Land Use Information Planning Committee Meetings (JPMG) twice a year;
  • Managing applications for Land Use Digital Data within seven days;
  • Preparing national land use information reports once every two years.

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