Legal and Regulatory Planning Division


The Legal and Regulatory Planning division has the objective of creating a uniform and effective application system of laws for town and country planning (Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172) for all state and local planning authorities across the country.

These objectives, functions and responsibilities are performed by three units:

  • Planning Advisory Unit
  • Regulatory Planning Unit
  • Technical Drafting Unit


This division is responsible for reviewing and revising the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 [Act 172], and providing rules and guidelines under Act 172 for the use of state and local governments. This division is also responsible for site investigations and preparing recommendation papers for the application of planning permission under Section 20B and Sub-Section 22(2A) of Act 172. In addition, the Division also provides legal advisory services, conducts programmes to disseminate planning legislation as the role of the Director General under section 2B of Act 172 and to provide feedback on public complaints related to town and country planning legislation.

Among the functions of this section are: -

  1. To organize programs for the dissemination of policy and legal information under Act 127 (Executive Talk to Ministries and Local Authority Council Members, outreach programs with local authorities and dissemination to stakeholders);
  2. To act as the Secretariat for the Department’s main meetings such as the NPPC Regulatory Committee Meeting, State Directors' Meeting, Local Planning Authority Director Meeting, Head of Units of OSC Meeting and Appeal Board Registrar Meeting;
  3. To prepare recommendation papers for the application of planning permission under Section 20B, subsection 22(2A) and 2A(2)(b) of Act 172 which require the advice of the NPPC;
  4. To review and revise the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172) and Town Planners Act 1995 [Act 538];
  5. To formulate, review and make amendments to the rules under Act 172;
  6. To coordinate the negotiation affairs under section 20A of Act 172 at the state level;
  7. To provide advisory services on town and country planning legislation;
  8. To manage the public complaints on planning legislation;
  9. To conduct studies related to planning legislation under Act 172;
  10. To prepare manual, monographs, legal brochures and reports, bulletins, brochures and Guidelines for the Implementation of Act 172 (PPA); and
  11. To update the Town and Country Planning Law And Administration Encyclopedia.