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The Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172) provides the legal basis for the preparation of the National Physical Plan. To ensure its relevancy and usefulness in the fast changing environment, Sub-section 6B (4) of the Act 172 obliges that the NPP be reviewed every five years in tandem with the review of the Five-Year Development Plan, or as and when directed by the National Physical Planning Council (NPPC).

After a ten year of implementation of the NPP and having undergone two reviews, the approach taken in the NPP-3 was not to introduce new spatial planning policies but, rather, to refine and detail out existing policies into strategic directions, strategies and actions to enhance their implementation. Various sectoral policies including those related to economic, social and environmental aspects are also incorporated into the strategic direction proposals in the NPP-3.

The emphasis on economic, social and environmental relations as main components of sustainable development within a holistic ecosystem are reflected in three main thrusts of the NPP-3 namely Dynamic Urban and Rural Growth, Spatial Sustainability and Climate Change Resiliency and Inclusive and Liveable Community Development.

Hence, the NPP-3 emphasis on sustainable development and planning as a key principle in achieving a resilient and liveable nation in 2040. The physical and spatial planning will lead to the inclusion of the main focus of Growth, Resiliency, Liveability and Sustainability.

Achieving a resilient and liveable nation

Contains 3 (three) thrust and strategic directions as follows: -

Thrust 1 (DG) :Dynamic Urban  And Rural Growth
                            DG 1 - Balanced Urban Growth
                            DG 2  -Integrated Rural Development
                            DG 3  - Enhancing Connectivity And Access

Thrust 2(SR) :Spatial Sustainability And Resilience To Climate Change
SR 1 - Sustainable Management of Natural, Food and Heritage Resources
                            SR 2 - Holistic Land Use Planning
                            SR 3 - Low Carbon Cities and Sustainable Infrastructure

Thrust 3(IC)  :  Building Inclusive And Liveable Communities
                             IC 1 - Inclusive and Quality Living Environment
                             IC 2 - Liveable Community Environment
                             IC 3 - Community Participation and Collaboration

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